The Viking Academy was created out of a strong passion, a shared vision, and a ceaseless commitment to making learning easy and accessible.


Founded by Larry Perna and Steven Williams, their resiliency and knowledge has helped countless of students. It has led our members to acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques, and confidently move forward in their martial arts journey.


Known as the best Martial Arts School in the Westchester county area, we provide a wide range of courses to support students from all backgrounds and levels. 

If you are interested in competing, the Viking Academy will shape you and help you all the way through to reach your goals.

If you're looking for a workout and curious about martial arts, there's no better place to start your experience than with our supportive team and professors.

The Viking Academy welcomes you to drop by our facility and meet with our staff. Call us at anytime or contact us here

The Viking Academy framework and moral standards combines the four tactical virtues

with the four cardinal virtues: teaching constant self-improvement to our students.

creating top notch martial artists & human beings

We founded The Viking Academy with one goal in mind: giving our students the best, most rewarding experience. Our Martial Arts School offers an unlimited course membership, innovative techniques, and fresh methodologies. But at the core of our mission, lies our commitment to providing an engaging, respectful, and fun learning environment. This approach, together with our top quality faculty, makes The Viking Academy the number one choice in Westchester.

We are located inside the most elite strength training gym in the county, Mount Vernon Barbell. Our professional instructors and skilled team members have developed a strong technical and moral framework to help students achieve their goals. Are you ready to reach your potential? Explore our course schedule and get in touch with our team to schedule a free trial class. See you on the mats!



Courage allowed you to take your first step on your Martial Arts Journey. And will allow you to try new things and tackle adversity.



Strength is important as it can literally save your life. At the Viking Academy not only do you have access to the best training on the planet, but you also have access to the best equipment on the planet thanks to Mount Vernon Barbell Strength Training Facility. The combination of martial arts and weight training will give you the results of a true Viking Warrior.



Mastery is the main goal in training martial arts. Every class you improve on your mastery over martial arts and mastery over your body, mind, and spirit.



Honor is the virtue that ties all the Tactical virtues together. You honor your ancestors by your willingness to learn how to defend yourself and your family. You will also honor your instructors and your teammates. We all have the same goal to improve ourselves and the way to improve yourself is by honoring your fellow students by being there for them and being a good training partner.



Prudence is the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason. The more you train at Viking academy,  you become stronger and more skillful. You also learn to train your brain and make proper decisions based on logic and not emotions, such as anger. 



Temperance is voluntary self restraint. Martial arts will help you avoid the improper things in life. If you are struggling with alcohol, drugs, bad food choices, smoking, or even road rage, martial arts does something for the soul. It can change your life by helping you overcome any and all obstacles.



Justice will be upheld by all members of the Viking Academy through good sportsmanship. This applies within the gym and at all competitions. Viking Academy promotes a lifestyle of doing the right thing, at all times.



Nothing will humble a person like martial arts. It will teach a person to acknowledge that they are truly vulnerable. And this vulnerability will allow you to learn new things.

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Made by Professor Steven Williams (man of many talents)

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